Clinasys, LLC was launched in August 2005 with the charter to drive the development of technologies that address major medical needs and are superior to other available treatment options - and to do so in partnership with major medical device companies that can provide proper distribution channels for these novel therapies.

Clinasys has created a unique business model that allows the execution of product development projects that would otherwise remain dormant due to resource constraints at the medical device company partner. Such projects are transferred to Clinasys, and Clinasys assumes responsibility for fully resourcing and managing product development in its entirety.

The project transfer from the medical device company partner to Clinasys ideally includes intellectual property that has been created by the medical device company and may involve other assets or staff. Clinasys returns a finished device to its distribution partner after product development and clinical trials have been completed, finished device manufacturing implemented and regulatory approval received.

In the course of a typical project Clinasys assumes project leadership responsibilities and commits to deliverables concerning product performance characteristics and overall project timeframes. Clinasys' internal team then works with reputable partners such as medical device engineering firms, design houses, OEMs and various expert consultants to complete the project.

Clinasys' role is that of the enabler and project manager. It does not sell or manufacture medical devices. By adding the missing ingredients - project leadership skills, focus, financial and non-financial resources - Clinasys removes the obstacles that would otherwise hinder the development and commercialization of important new medical technologies.

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